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Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your PC: Tips, Tricks, and More!

Congratulations on Your New PC!

We're thrilled to have you join the PC Build PT family. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you set up and maintain your PC for an optimal gaming experience:

1. Unboxing & Setup:

- Carefully unpack your PC and accessories, ensuring everything is undamaged.

- Find a stable surface with proper ventilation for your PC. Avoid placing it directly on the floor to prevent dust buildup.

2. Connectivity & Power On:

- Connect all cables, including power, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

- Boot up your PC and follow on-screen instructions for initial setup.

3. Operating System Activation:

- Activate your OS using the provided instructions. Need a Windows key? Get it from us at a discounted price of 50 euros.

4. Update Essentials:

- Ensure your PC is running smoothly by keeping it up to date with the latest software updates. Check for Windows updates in your settings to enhance performance and security.

- Don't forget about your graphics card drivers! Use GeForce Experience (for NVIDIA GPUs) or the AMD Adrenalin software (for AMD GPUs) to stay current and optimize your experience.

- Keep your game platforms like Steam, Epic, and others updated to access new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

- Regularly check for updates to ensure your PC is always ready for action!

5. Game Launcher & Customization:

- Install your preferred gaming platform for a seamless gaming experience.

- Personalize settings, themes, and peripherals to your liking.


- Consider joining our 30-minute online workshops for an additional 50 euros per session. These workshops cover topics such as setup, maintenance, and optimization of your PC.

- Optimize your PC for peak performance with our update and optimization service for 50 euros. We recommend scheduling updates, cleaning, and optimization once a month to keep your PC running smoothly.

Enjoy your PC adventure with PC Build PT! 🎮💻 #PCGaming #GamingCommunity #TechTips

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