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I am a consultant specializing in PC and hardware, bringing a passion for technology and solid expertise. With practical experience, I stand out for clear communication, personalization of solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction. Up to date on the latest trends and committed to high ethical standards, I'm here to offer reliable, expert guidance in the world of technology.


Repairs, Upgrades


Repairs, updates and optimizations are the essential pillars to ensure effective performance and meet constantly evolving technological demands. Keep your computer running smoothly with expert hardware and software fixes.

Our updates keep up with technological advances, strengthen security and offer new features, providing a modern and protected computing experience. Meanwhile, our optimization expertise maximizes performance, extending the life of your system and adapting it to evolving technological demands.

Unleash your computer's potential today. Count on our team to ensure that your system not only meets your current needs, but is prepared for the technological challenges of the future. Transform your computing experience with our specialized service in repairs, updates and optimizations!


Customized Computer

We design custom systems to elevate your gaming or work experience. Say goodbye to limitations with our specialized customized computer service.

Whether for intense gaming or professional performance, our custom optimization maximizes your system's power, extending its lifespan and keeping you competitive in any scenario.

Invest in a computer that perfectly aligns with your needs and exceeds expectations. Unleash the potential of your desktop or gaming environment with our custom PC building service. Transform your experience today!


Construction Process


Choosing the Perfect Components

Explore a world of possibilities when creating your dream PC! Count on our specialized guidance to:

  • Guaranteed Compatibility: Parts selected to ensure optimized performance.

  • Performance Information: Detailed specifications for informed choices.

  • Planning for the Future: Discover the ease of upgrades to meet your needs.


Waiting Time 

Your expectation is our priority! 

  • Delivery Estimates: Clear schedules for each component, helping with planning.

  • Reliable Sources: We guarantee quality by choosing parts only from reputable sellers.

  • Confidence in the Warranty: Know the warranty coverage for each part.


Assembly Process

Embark on a journey where precision meets performance! Witness the craftsmanship behind your custom PC:

  • Transparent Steps: We keep you informed at every step, providing transparency in the assembly process.

  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous checks and thorough testing guarantee an impeccable system.


Safe Delivery to Your Door

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! Experience a hassle-free delivery process:

  • Delivery Clarity: Clear information on shipping methods and tracking details keeps you up to date.

  • Secure Packaging: Your PC is securely packaged to ensure safe, ready-to-use arrival.


Before assembly, you will receive a code to make online payment for the chosen components. After confirmation, I will start building your PC. We offer three payment options: Budget (100*), Modern (200*) and Top Tier (300*). This ensures transparency and flexibility throughout the process.


Payment can be made through MBWAY or in person at the time of delivery.

Technical support

I offer free technical support for every PC configuration I build. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are my priority.

João, Lisbon

I recently sought advice for my system upgrades and was impressed by their incredible knowledge

Naru, Lisbon

Excellent service delivery. from choosing the parts for my new computer at the best prices on the market to assembling it. Everything was delivered to the house beautifully. I advise everyone who wants a solution for their future PC build.

Maria, Lisbon

I liked the service. My computer was slow and now it works.


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